BlasTech Industries EE-3 Blaster Rifle Version 2

The RotJ EE-3 is still based on the Webley No 1 Mark 'I' Flare Gun. A new barrel was added over the Webley with cabinet T-Track laid down its length. The barrel appears to be an unidentified found part, similar to the shaft of a jackhammer. Part Nos. 97 and 98 (Triple Ejector Rack) from a 1/32 Revell F-4E Phantom II model was used on both sides of the Webley to cover the engraved stamp (the one that reads "Webley & Scott MK I 1916). An ASI 4X20 Scope was used again for this blaster, but flipped 180 degrees from when it was used in the Empire Strikes Back. On the stock is a part from the 1977 Revell Visible V8 Model Engine, Part No. 92 (cover, starter gear case), and another unidentified plate cover. One of each was glued to both sides of the stock. There are also two Philips-head screws that were screwed into the butt end of the stock, one at the top, the other at the bottom.

"BlasTech Industries EE-3 Blaster Rifle
Fast-draw shoulder sling. More powerful than Stormtrooper rifle. Electronic scope for sniper attacks. Chopped in Half by Luke's Lightsaber" -The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology

Stunt Blaster
As well as a hero blaster, several rubber cast stunt blasters were created.

One difference between the hero and the stunt blaster is the type of scope mount used. On the stunt blaster a single piece mount was cut apart, the center section discarded and the remaining rings used for the scope mounts on the blaster.

The mount below came from a K-Mart branded ALL-PRO 4X15 scope found on ebay.

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