ASI 4X20 Scope

ManufacturerAnglo Spanish Imports (ASI)
Part Name4x20 Scope
Mfg Part #n/a
Approximate pricen/a
AvailabilityNot readily available
Purchase URLn/a
CharacterBoba Fett
Used for
The scope was used on both the ESB and ROTJ Blastech EE-3 Blaster. In ESB the scope was attached backwards while in ROTJ it was mounted the correct direction on the Hero blaster. The stunt blaster however, does have the scope mounted backwards too. It can be seen during the scene where Fett fly's down to the skiff and aims his blaster at Luke.
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Additional information
Text on rear of scope:

4 x 20




The scope itself was made by a company based in Japan and sold under different names for different companies, including Webley, Tasco, Armsport, and Sussex Armoury. Parts of the scope can be found on both 4X20 and some 4X15 scopes. There are still more companies to be discovered that distributed a similar scope.

The following list are companies that have used similar parts for their scopes and may be useful for eBay searches in order to piece together a scope from individual components.

Aim Master, All Pro / Kmart, Antler, Armsport, ASI, Foremost, Galaxy, Glenfield, Golden Gate, Jason, Kassnar, Milbro, Monoscope, Navajo, Nikko Stirling, Power Line, RedRam, Regal, Revelation, Sears, Sovereign, Straightline, Sussex Armoury, Telstar, Universal, Valor, Valor Luma-Glo, Winfield, Zenith.

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