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    Nov 24, 2016, 1:51 PM - First Mando Build (Coming out of the Shadows) (also pic heavy) #1

    Hello World,
    I've been lurking on this site for a while, if I count up the number of birthday emails I've gotten, around 3 years, never posted something before now. I started my first Mando build a week or so ago. My hope is to wear this opening night of Rogue One. Cosplayers, we need to dress up for almost every event. The premise of this Mando is a Mando, crossed with McCree from Overwatch. This really isn't a crossover, since I'm trying to keep all parts of the kit within the star wars universe.
    Attachment 105246
    I thought about sintra, but decided to save some money, not wait on shipping, and build the armor out of a trash can and feel thrifty. I found this at Walmart for $10
    Attachment 105248
    I made my bucket, out of a bucket. This actually worked quite well. This bucket came from Auto Zone and for some reason is a bit thicker than the Homer or Lowes bucket. I wanted to cut the pieces with tin snips, but the bucket proved more difficulty with that, so I settled for the cutting wheel on my dremel and lots of red dust all over the shop, and my clothes, and my dog. I'm sorry dog.
    Attachment 105249
    The cheeks needed to be taped into place, then filled with hot glue from behind. For some reason hot glue work pretty fantastically on these buckets and hard hats. It cools much quicker and feel much sturdier.
    Attachment 105251
    I broke my streak of making a bucket out of easy stuff on the ear caps. I couldn't quite figure them out so I told my 3d printer to do it for me. No regrets on that.
    Attachment 105250
    The shoulder bells were taped into shape, heated up with a heat gun (there was a lot of heat involved), cooled with water and stowed in the freezer overnight. This has worked so far for keeping their shape. All my previous attempts were foiled as the bells gradually flattened out.
    Attachment 105252
    The belt was a doozy. The number of pouches on the ammo belts intimidate me. So I settled on a belt made of many little "armor panels" and two small faux pouches that don't open or go anywhere. I 3d printed 3 McCree flashbangs, McCree's revolver (which I then modified to look more Star Wars-y), and McCree's BAMF buckle. For the holster I simply traced around my gun on some craft foam, folded it over, and stitched it with some leather cord I had around.
    Attachment 105254
    Each belt panel can slide around on the nylon strap. This photo shows how. I wrapped the strap in wax paper, place it in the middle of the back of the panel, and glued another craft foam strip onto it. The wax paper kept the panel from adhering to the strap and ensured the gap in the strip was wide enough for the strap.
    All the pieces were beveled with dremel, coated in a dark gray plasti dip (which was very close to the color of the foam). The edges were given some silver rub'n'buff for weathering.
    I found these decorative nails at for $1.50. I put two in every small panel, and one as a snap on the faux pouches. This was simple and easy, but helps give the belt some much needed depth.
    On to actual painting, my favorite (not sarcasm, actually my favorite part). I gave all the plates a base color of silver acrylic
    and flung mustard at them. After the mustard I painted them the final color of bronze
    then lightly rubbed the surface with a paper towel to remove the mustard and accompanying paint to create an expedited paint chipping effect. To chip away more paint I played Frisbee with the plates ontop a gravel drive, purposely missing and slamming it into the gravel. Weathering is fun.
    rawvolver-jpg revolver-jpg
    Somewhere in there, the gun went from a RawVolver, to a ReVolver (3d printed, thanks Jeff Lagant on MyMiniFactory for the gun and flashbang models)
    So this is the current state of the armor. Knees are currently in the freezer, flak vest and poncho/serape are in progress at this moment, and the collar plate is waiting to be made if I have the time.

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  3. Nov 26, 2016, 3:57 PM - Re: First Mando Build (Coming out of the Shadows) (also pic heavy) #2

    Looking good!
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    Nov 26, 2016, 7:57 PM - Re: First Mando Build (Coming out of the Shadows) (also pic heavy) #3

    Yay, progress has been made. The flak vest was a bit of a project, so I called up my Mum to give me a hand. For a template she found a plastic grocery bag, cut open the bottom, and had me put on like a vest. I was only a little tight, so she cut it up and added some material and had her template. The vest was made of a canvas-y duck cloth. The plates were all attached to the vest using velcro and I 3d printed some gaunts somewhere in there. Knees have elastic on the back to stay on. I made a cigar with a toilet paper tube and magnets in helmet hold it in place. Things could now be worn, so I put it all on to get a progress shot. The visor is not actually in place, I just colored it black in photoshop to hide my silly face which detracts a little from the bucket. crotch plate is done, but I've yet to attach it, and same with the holster. Hopefully I'll get some progress done on the poncho
    Oh, this is a vector i drew up a while ago of the idea. Keep in mind, the poncho will be red, and not green, the undersuit is now brown, the flak vest a tan-ish olive-ish color, the knees silver, and probably a few others i missed

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