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Hi, Been a long time. Do you still sell the RC Range finder kits? Please let me know. Mine just quit working. Both parts work separately but when you push the button NOTHING happens. Please let me know. Thank you, Jeff
Hello eqdizzle, Are your Double tap slim fans in black still available??
I would like to purchase a set. Please let me know. Thank you
Hi Woodman, I'm interested in getting a Boba Fett ROTJ girth belt. Can you send me pictures of what you offer, price, and measurements you would need? Thanks, Scott
Hey Cruzer are you still around.
I tried sending you a message but it says I cannot start a conversation with you.

I'm after some things from you.
Hey buddy hope you are well! I may need a new Jango lid. How does yours compare to the old asok....size, CC etc....Thaks and hope to hear from you soon.
Hi Seeker,
I am interested in one of your Jango Fett Jetpack harnesses. Please let me know next steps when you have a chance.
Hi Scott! Hopefully you remember me as we briefly got acquainted two weeks ago at SW Celebration in Chicago, when I had my two boys with me. This message has to be short, so I was wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction of any vendor who may still be selling the official Chicago Celebration t-shirts that featured the Mandalorian Badge Art? Thanks!
Scott Kaufmann
Scott Kaufmann
I'm with you there, so far I have only seen them on ebay for crazy prices. The best I could advise is too keep an eye out for any emails from ReedPop or social media announcements. I know that a month or so after Celebration 2017 they released a lot of the con exclusive merch on the website. Although I think that they only reprinted a few of the shirts. Hopefully they will do that again.
Hey there. I was at celebration and saw a Jango Fett vest you made for a friend of mine. Are you still making these for members

Hey there! I too am interested in a Jango helmet kit! Will want to mod it into a The Mandalorian helmet...unless you make those already? ;) thank you
I was remiss in getting everyone's names while at celebration. But I wanted to thank you for making me feel welcome and talking things Fett.
Good day! For a month now I have been looking for where it is possible to order Bo Katan Jetpack. I heard that you can help, is this true?
Hello there,

Sent a message in our last feed of conversations, please let me know if you are available to assist with my Jango as I work to complete the project. Thanks.