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I'm also jedisushi over on the RPF, where I've been an active premium member for awhile now.
Hi MonCal,

Do you have or know where I can get one of the Zam Wesell aluminum blasters from the run you did a decade ago? I have been looking for a Zam Wesell blaster, and the one you made was definitely the best!

Here are some updated pictures of my prototype fett. I have to repaint the dental expander greeblie on the left vembrace gold, I check the photos on here for reference and didn't notice til I referenced famous fetts vembrace and noticed his was gold. I'm working on making everything functional and as accurate to the real thing as possible. I just recently scored some dental files from 01Hawk.


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Hi Woodman! Also interested in your girth belt, braids and cape. Would appreciate some pics and prices if you get a chance. Thank you, sir!
New Member looking to jump-start my kit and get some finished parts! Not looking for screen accurate just stuff that's will do for regular cosplaying and goofing off while doing everyday errands
Hi, I’m interested in your girthbelt, braids, and capes that I hear you make. Could send some pictures along with prices as well? Thanks!!
hi there Cruzer, I need help! Can you please help me? I got your bracers awhile back, but I need to replace the hinge piano pin that has been lost and bent. Do you have the size, where to get it or can i get some hinge kits from you? Im in a bind and I need your help. Thank you