Zuka's new mandalorian armour build


Seeing as I have been gone a long time, and my personality has changed quite significantly I figured I might as well do some "Minor" design changes to my armour
Instead of white and red like my previous colour scheme was planned to be, I'm going green, to symbolize duty (It is my duty to get this done, too all of you) I'm making most armour plates out of aluminum, and like my previous armour, it lacks the shin plates and thigh armour, and right shoulder Pauldron, Gauntlets will also be less decorated, with a left gauntlet as a mount for my Cellphone (tactical device, got google maps, got texting, got calling. Helmet will be standard Mandalorian helmet, to replace the Right shoulder pauldron I will have a cloth strap sewn on to the flight suit, with a holder for a spare magazine, I'm thinking on the right Gauntlet, I might make some sort of extra armour plating (Small shield for CQB that won't interfere with holding a rifle, that or a few loose rounds, now for the most Dramatic change, instead of having a Solid back armour piece, I'm breaking it into sections to further increase flexibility, for protective reasons, the Codpiece will be made of thicker plastic, Or Aluminum to fit with the rest of the design, but a more thicker aluminum. I'm also omitting the Centre medallion (Don't like the look of it now, for some strange reason) Flight suit will be black, and Flak jacket might, be double thickness, I'll scan and upload my concept sketches when I find the power cord for my scanner and printer. I'm back, and I'm more serious than ever.