Zam\'s true face sculpt


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Zam's true face sculpt

I decided to start a new thread so everyone will check it out:) Heres the progress so far. I just started working on this sculpt so please bare in mind that its a work in progress. Your critism is appreciated. When its done it will be a flexible latex mask if anyone is interested. It will only cover the front of the face and neck. Sorry for the crappy pic,i'll take better one after i refine it some more. I basically have 1 pic of her healthy and alive. But its a small pic.Thank you to those that have helped so far.
zam alien 2.jpg
Looking good!
How does everyone feel about the mask for the 12" doll? That might be a decent reference if you were to pick up one of the 12" zam dolls. Personally, I think it's the best part of the doll although I haven't compared it to the dvd yet.
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Looking Good keep up the good work. I will be one very intrested soul in aquireing one of these masks when it is said and done.
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yah, i picked up two of the 12" dolls, one has her mask on and the oter has her veil covering her face :)
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Hey guys,
Sorry for my non existence lately.
I am actually getting latex this weekend to pour masks. I wanted to have several finished before i posted. It will have a elastic strap to secure it to your heads. I think you all will be pleased with the final results.
Again it will be made of latex. It will be the front portion of the face only,just like the little ZAM doll. Paint scheme will be somewhat like the dolls face as well. I wanted it to be easy for the ladies to put on and off. And the mouth is slightly opened and will have a slit for airflow and if you wanna stick a straw in there for drinking margaritas. I'm doin my best to make it look movie accurate and functionally comfortable.

Pics comin soon!

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