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Hi guys,

Got some pieces coming together but need to start my suit and then the leather.
Can anyone let me know what pattern they used as a starting point for their neoprene suit?



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Ok, so it seems that stretchouse no longer carries the neoprene in #4 which was the "go to" colour.

I'm looking at alternative sources. What do you think of this colour chart?
Neoprene Color Chart
Color charts on the internet can always look different then in real. best is to ask them to send the chart to you and then decide based on the color in both daylight and artificial light.

Or: Did you see this thread?

I don't know anything about the quality or if it is still available...but looks good on first sight.

Another source was found through TheBHG:

Coming soon – Zam Wesell fabric | Jabbadashery

And that is the fabric. Maybe they send a small piece to see the color.
Zam Wessell Fabric | Jabbadashery


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Good finds! I was beginning to look into lycra and thermocline alternatives.

That Rockywoods color "Wine" looks close! Perhaps not quite purple enough, but still really good. I'm going to bookmark and keep as an option.

And that JabbaDashery looks so promising, I'm super excited! When I first looked I was concerned because the color looks so light:

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 6.55.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-08-11 at 6.56.08 PM.png
Official Zam photoshoot/ JabbaDash website picture

But then I read it and they said they overlit to show the texture. If the texture is that accurate, imagine the color! :zam

I'm going to order a sample tonight!:love

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 6.58.09 PM.png


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Yeah just found Jabbadashery this morning :)

Ordering a ton of samples from everywhere. It's just very hard to gauge colour when your source is also on computer. I did however order a few figures, etc. Are any of the colours of the action figures or even "Dressing a galaxy" close?


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:eek: I just ordered a sample!
...wonder what they'll send haha.

We'll just have to be as inventive as the first generation of Zams. It's been over a decade, of course the resources they found will be starting to dry up.

It's a bit of a stretch (hahaaaa), but what if we sprayed clear acrylic onto one of the StretchHouse Mat Jersey colors? #6 or #26? Think it would have the right look to it?

Edit: or even #35
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I've ordered from Jabbadashery. The only have a few meters left before they are doing a new run. Hard to swallow the cost of shipping on that one.


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Can someone look over these photos of the fabric I got from Jabbadashery for the body suit? Looks too blue to me.

Inside light

Natural light
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I would never rely on photos when it comes to judging a color. The color looks different on every monitor. You can try this by adjusting your brightness of your screen and it looks different. Same goes for the color, contrast etc.

So if they don't send you a fabric, I would not consider buying it...unless this is the only source.
OK, then I got that wrong.

So, at least you can judge the color...for us, who only see the photos it is still the same. For some it might look right.

I just watched it on my notebook monitor, where it looks really blue. But on my external monitor it looks alright. It might look different on my phone again....but if you feel that the color is off, then you will always see that difference and will never be happy with it.

Do you have other pieces of fabric sent to you?
Then I would wait, compare and then decide which is the best to buy.


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Ha ha. If you actually open the fabric up and find the correct colour! I was looking at the wrong side of the fabric! I'll post pics of the colour later (it's almost midnight) but it looks about right now :)


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Haha, no worries Nomisha.

My order from JD came today as well. I pulled off the packaging and went- "what the!? this is blue!" it up. And it looks great, n'est-ce pas?! It's a bit light for my personal preference, but it's not wrong. It definitely has my stamp of approval! Can't wait to work with it. Yay!

(y) :zam


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Most of the seams on the suit are folded back and sewn down. I used a serger to finish off the inside edges.