You've got to start somewhere!!


Well I've finally started on my custom Mando armor. Thanks to a fett ful of dollars and his idea to cut up a trash cans to make armor, I've been able to find a starting point on a budget. My budget is why I have decide to go custom. Fett costumes can get very expensive. I do plan on sending some money to get this gear looking right. First thing is replace my bucket. I do plan on redoing my rubies for now. But anyways here is my start. Enjoy the pictures. Criticism is welcome, but please be gentle

ryans 1st bday 040.jpg

ryans 1st bday 045.jpg

ryans 1st bday 046.jpg

ryans 1st bday 047.jpg

ryans 1st bday 048.jpg

ryans 1st bday 043.jpg

ryans 1st bday 044.jpg

ryans 1st bday 041.jpg

never ending fett

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good start. if you want to upgrade your helmet i'd suggest trying to scratch build. It's really not as hard as it looks. If you can print out and trace templates and follow directions and wing stuff as you go, you can scratchbuild just about anything.


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Looks Good. This is the same idea I have for General Grievous's Body Armor. I'm still working on him though, but rest assured I'll post Pics when he's done. C.


Thanks guys.

never ending fett: I'm not sure if I'm ready to tactle the scratch built helmet. But it has crssed my mind

Cerillo: Can't wait to see the Grievous Body armor. That sounds awesome

Jimmy BufFETT

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"You've got to start somewhere!!"

Much better job than me my friend! I started by dumping some $$ on eBay for a costume for a start. I did get a good deal, and got to troop as right away, but the only things that remain from that costume are the belt pouches and the CA Boots.


I used tin snips to cut out armor. Then used a razor knife to trim it up.

Here are some more pics of what I call progress. Primed and ready for silver(y)

armor 001.jpg

armor 003.jpg

armor 004.jpg

armor 005.jpg

armor 006.jpg

armor 007.jpg

armor 008.jpg

armor 009.jpg

armor 010.jpg