yet another look alike boba boot .

Definately some Fett inspiration going on there. Square toe, piping/seam lines, even the style of boot is reminiscent of Boba's boots. Pretty cool.
Ahhhh yes. A very stylish boot indeed. This particular make is for a more refined fett. Inspired by the "Greedo".....our "Solo" model borrows from the same basic design, and takes it to the next level. Yes, neither Bounty Hunter, Imperials or Jedi Masters themselves can deny the elegance of the "Solo". Truly an article which commands attention the instant they appear in a crowded cantina. The simple yet radical design of the "Solo" grabs your interest, and demands that you take notice, with all the intensity of a Dark Lord of the Sith, grabbing at your neck from across the room.

Price: 754 credits a pair

See our accessories section if you would like to add toe spikes

*Note: Imperial Tax enforced.....EVERYWHERE!!!!
*Note: Only known galaxies will be shipped to.
*Note: Smuggling of boots, as well as all other items is prohibited. ;)
:lol:, nice finding, and it gives me the chills of how close are those looking from the real ones, all you need is the white/light gray sole siding and you're good to go. (and of course, to paint the whole boot. :):thumbsup:

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