Yet another Jango build by Jawatrooper


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Hi there I am Thomas,

long time ago my wife and me decided to build a Zam Wesell and Jango Fett cosplay. After more than a year of very slow progress, studying this forum and a thousand of pictures we are focusing now a bit more as we have more time due to Corona. As I am not a script writer don´t expect to much of this build ;).

Since I am a maker I will try do a couple of parts with 3D Printing and try to mach it as good as possible to get it screen accurate, harmonic to other parts and of course to my body shape o_O. Maybe I will also try do my first steps in cold casting in case I am not satisfied with my previous result. My final goal is to get my third costume approved by the 501st :)

For most parts I have already made a decision of doing it by myself, ordering it or it is already ordered.
So here comes my current list:

Helmet: 3D Printed (Undented); finally I will order one from minutefett or wasted fett
Armor: DC Props
Gauntlets: 3D Printed (file by stormtrooperguy)
knee armor: 3D Printed (selfdesinged); if available cold cast by DC Props
Flightsuit: by my wife; otherwise arkady or bobamaker
Flak Vest: by my wife; otherwise bobamaker or loanstar
Leather parts: Delta Leather
Jetpack: 3D Printed Z6 Classic
Gloves: still searching
Boots: Crowprops
Blasters: 3D Printed

PS: In parallel I am doing a little Jango for my 3 year old son to do a bit of trial and error :). At the picture you can see the current state of his helmet.
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Thanks. I have printed it myself. The silver is rub n buff. Currently I am playing around with an epoxy Aluminum mixture (like coldcast) to coat 3d prints and get the same coldcast finish. First results are pretty good.
Oh??? Would love to see the results!


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Here are two pictures of my „play state“
On the first picture is comparison of a real coldcast and my brush on trial. Second is a detailed picture. What I have learned already is to sand by hand. Otherwise your thru the coat to fast


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Nice fabric, what colors are you going to use to dye? I pretty much nailed the color using powder rit dye Royal Blue and Scarlet. I have enough to dye another suit if you need it. If you cant find the dye that is.
My plan is to use RIT colors aswell. Usually I order the colors in Norway (shipping to Germany ). I will dye a couple of examples to get a satisfying result.


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First trial of my selfdesigned Jango knee. It needs some mods to be more accurate. Also I need some epoxy with higher viscosity as my aluminum powder drifts away to much. Well the result is not to bad but also not good. I think the trash bin will be happy with it ;-).


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Made some little modifications on my knee model. Printed it in ABS and brushed it with Acetone to enhance layer adhesion. Next steps are sanding to final shape and coat it with epoxy-aluminum mixture.
I also received my leather parts from delta. What an outstanding quality.


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Interesting „issue“ that happen to me. As I usually brush my ABS prints with acetone to enhance layer adhesion it happend that I got some aluminum powder to freshly brush area. After letting it dry i sanded it and saw that it looks like real aluminum. So I decided to do a little test and brush everything properly with acetone and aluminum powder. When it was dry I sanded with 600 grid and buffed it a bit. On the picture you can see the result. I am really impressed as its very close to real aluminum and cold cast.


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Looking Good!! Using the aluminium powder warrants more research. I wonder if you could get a better result
if you dipped it in acetone and dipped it in a tray of aluminum powder immediately afterward?