yellow on cod differenent than rest of armor?

looking at the reference CD photos, is the yellow around the scratches a different color than on the rest of the armor? Also are there 2 different colors of yellow on the cod? (ROTJ/MoM)

Tyler Durden

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Well, the cod at MoM is not the cod that was used for ROTJ. In fact, the MoM cod appears to be Preproduction-like; heck, it doesn't even have the dent. So it would not suprise me if the base green and possibly even the yellow were different than the colors used on the armor.


Loranar Fett

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padawan_schlicher wrote:

doh! I'll have to add a dent to my cod then, I thought the MoM cod was the ROTJ cod...thanks for the info
Make sure you are not wearing it when you add the dent :facepalm