WTB: Zam I Am Neoprene Undersuit Material


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I was advised by MaulMaus that it would be a good idea to start a separate thread for this. So anyways, I'm looking to buy the ZIA material if anyone decides they don't want to use it or do the costume anymore. It's not urgent. I'm willing to wait quite a while but I'd be ready to pay for it now as well.

sl tk8456

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I thin Becky has a load left over from her Zam outfit as our seamstress didn't miss a trick. She says (the seamstress) that there's more than enough left over to make another suit.
I'm looking at it now

PM langsuir666 :)

sl tk8456

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Sorry dude we've been flat out. I'll try to measure this for you this week/weekend.

The seamstress said there is enough there cos she told me to get lost when I asked her to make a back up one lol

sl tk8456

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hey dude, I just measured it for you

here goes...it's more less this shape ok


dimensions from right to left are
160cm x 125
65cm x 1m
55 x 50cm

plus there are 2 1ft x 1.5ft squares. Plenty to make another suit from

I would take a camera shot but I was burgled recently and haven't replaced my camera yet