Would a DP 95 helmet stand up to the heat of vaccum-forming?


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Would a DP 95 helmet stand up to the heat 232 degrees Celcius when vaccum-forming?
Okay, y'see, I'm a newbie to costuming and I need a little help to point me in the right direction when it comes to what I need to do for the helmet.
Well, y'see, I live in Australia, and it does get very hot over here, and from what I've just heard from a friend of mine, the material that the DP Helmets are made from is a soft vinyl, and it tends to warp in heat. So before I heard that, I figured that vaccum forming it out of solid plastic might be the way to go. Now I'm not so sure. Remember I am new to costuming, and I am getting confused.
Make a silicone or latex mold of the helmet first. Then build up a good layer of plaster on it. Then pull the mold halves off and let dry. Cast your helmet in your new mold using plaster. Now de-mold after about two days drying time. You have a plaster positive. Now heat your styrene in an oven till its droopy. Put it in your vacuum molder. Oh did I mention it was difficult? Mold your helmet using the vacuum pressure. There you are done!

I think I also forgot to mention the drying time between steps. Oh and did you make it a two piece vacu-mold? Watchout for those undercuts!

If any of this sounds difficult (This is sarcasm BTW :))...start here:
dh2 - vacuum molding
or here for molding casting instructions:
Bio-armor costuming

Or make your helmet into a kick-ass helmet by painting and weathering it yourself.
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