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electric jay

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I totally ponked out on the helmet, as it turned into a big ol mess.
I know professor will hit me, but I ordered a Rubie's Jango and a replacement t-visor for now, until I get serious about making my steel one. That'll take awhile (as I found out trying to rush this one).
I ended up running into some friends while I was on the way to Wal-Mart last night and stayed out till four AM, so not a lot of progress got made...heh.
Bowcaster is almost done, soft parts need snaps, backpack needs assembly, kama and loincloth have been re-dyed, gloves were bought, hoses need to be installed on the gauntlets, and girth belt needs to be nailed together.
If I get most of this stuff done this weekend, I'll post up pics of everything sans helmet.

Zeever Fett

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Yay, #4 won!