Wookie braids


Jr Hunter
gday all, I've recently got a set of braids from Woodman for a mandalorian protector I'm making.
I've a question about the braids, I've read that people use fishing line or fine wire to attach, what I'm wondering is how are they looped over shoulder....are they looped some they resemble a number 9, arm going through the hole are long bit left hanging?
I've looked in gallery and one pic looked like the ends were sort of attached. Wasn't sure if it was how it was stored
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I'm not sure about ROTJ, but for ESB, you have a blonde, a black, and a silver braid. The blonde is separate and the black and silver one are connected. The black has an arm-sized loop and the other two are just single strands.

Here's what I did: I used a safety pin and came up through the underside of the flak vest. I pinned black, then blonde, the silver. The black strand drapes to the back, and the silver to the front. Blonde drapes equally front and back. When I put the flak vest on, I stick my arm through the black braid like a second sleeve basically.

That's how I did it, your mileage may vary as they say!!


On our ESB Wookie braids I used some nylon fishing line (nearly invisible) to hook the braids together.
Then I attached a small piece of Velcro to the line and another small piece of Velcro on top of the shoulder seam. All of this is hidden under the armor. You can remove the braids if you want to, but we leave them on and just slip the arm through when putting on the vest. There are some
pictures of this setup on the first page of my build thread just after our jet pack photos....hope this helps. Good luck!


Jr Hunter
Thanks for the replies guys, I'll check out your thread Builder
Evan thanks for the detailed explanation on positioning, appreciate that