Wookie braids and side pocket questions


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Hi there. I'm not far away to complete my ROTJ SE Boba but some very few things need to be finished. I need some accurate wookie braids and would like to know which vendors are offer really accurate ones. Second question is....how were the side pockets attached to the leather belt? Permanently via velcro or sewn together? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Woodman is the go-to man for Wookiee Braids. Send him a PM and he will get back to you pretty quickly!

The side pouches should have a loop that the ammo belt slides into. I don't think it matters if they are permanently fixed. Mine don't really move around and I have nothing keeping them attached. But for safety, industrial Velcro could be used.


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Actually the SE utility pouches don't go over the belt they go behind it. The additional ammo pouches are in the way for them to slide over the belt. The SE utility pouches are also sewn together differently than ROTJ. I make both.