For Sale Woodman-Interest in horse hair braid run

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Has anyone heard from Woodman? Is he doing okay? I paid him for some SE braids at the beginning of May and haven't heard from him for about a month now.

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He hasn’t replied on here, in messages here or on his instagram, no idea where he is. If anyone knows him maybe they can chime in. I’m sure he’s just busy or something but it is odd he’s kind of just gone radio silence


New Hunter
Just received Woodman's material. A perfect job. The waiting time has been worth it. I recommend your work at 100 * 100. It may seem that it is not operational but always responds and gives an answer. Thank you very much for making my project come true. Un abrazo a todos.


Active Hunter
I'm here. Gunner and the last SE set are shipping out this Friday. Sorry for the spotty comms.

I recently acquired a used pair of Woodman ROTJ braids and I know it's already been said but they are stunning. Thanks for making these Woodman, you're a master of your trade.
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