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Hi guys , does anybody have any advice on how and what to apply to an untreated wooden stock ? Stain , varnish , wax ?
Still waiting for the stick fixings to arruve from the states , the adverse weather had effected shipping unfortunately. Once they arrive I can drill the stock and treat it
I only used the female end of the Chicago crew. I found some hardware I’d like to use besides the stuff I picked up at a local hardware store as well.

I just used your standard woodstain and sealer. I think it came out pretty good...

The escutcheon-screws finally arrived from the states after being stranded due to the weather. I was given the heads up on these by Intwenothor after searching for grip screws as I didn't want to use Chicago screws . They come in packs of 6 so I have spares.

I first drilled pilot holes for the bolts

I then drilled the countersunk holes for the brass nuts on both sides.

I then bolted the D-ring into the stock , the bolts pulled the nuts into the stock to fix it securely in place. The bolt closest to the grip had to be cut down a bit as it protruded slightly through the side of the stock but I am quite happy how they turned out . Now for the stain / oil.


Where I got them from , they are based and ship from the US but have branches across the globe.


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I purchased couple of webley lanyard swivel posts from a company in the States. Everywhere I found them the words "pin not include" was written which I found confusing. It was only when I realised the units didn't swivel idependantly and as I prized the grip off my sidewinder webley the pin statement started to make sense.


The casting from an original flare gun shows an indentation where a hole should be. The pin went through the hole and locks the post in place.

I fired up the dremel and drilled a pilot hole

Cut down a panel pin and fitted it all together.

Fitted quite well and locks it in place and now swivels

The stock post brought its own issues, while waiting for the posts to arrive I found an old TDH thread by 99centTaco about them and the other members searches. (they haven't been made for 100 years) Apparently the stock post has a screw thread.

So I had to push mine into the stock and glue it in position as per carbon chamber screen shot.


Toying with the idea of splitting the stock on the top next after seeing Mbuda do it recently and then stain/oil it....

Here is the link to the website that sells the reproduction lanyard rings
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Stained the stock today with a dark walnut water based wash.

It looks lighter in person, I will linseed oil it tomorrow and refit the greeblies.
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These are the best pictures of the damage. I added it to my stock with a box cutter, worked very well.


I made a tutorial a while back covering the missing chunk in the stock. Never became a sticky though
Probably should. There's so much information on just the EE-3/webley alone. I wish there were better ways to break down information besides tags (which are hardly used).
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