WoodChuck with a question.

Discussion in 'The Sarlacc Pit' started by woodchuck, Aug 12, 2017 at 6:14 PM.

  1. woodchuck

    woodchuck New Member

    WoodChuck here. I have been lurking on here for quite some time, but never have much to say. I enjoy the posts and it is easy to see that this forum is loved by its members.
    Does anyone have any good photos of the Mythos Boba Fett statue? I'd like to see it from as many close up angles as possible. Or maybe a link to purchase one?
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  2. Viper

    Viper Member

    Hey woodchuck good to see you on here! I know Fett 4 Real made a suit based on one, may be a good resource for you. Cheers!

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