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Jonathan Lomas

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Yes it would, and if I can track down a jango button (or if you have one) I can use that instead.
Thanks for the quick reply! I recently ordered the helmet and gauntlets, so when I get those in I'll contact you to see if I can order at that time. Thanks again for the quick reply!


With May the 4th coming up I decided to make a sale for the next week. 15% off the kits using the coupon code "may4th" at checkout


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Hello BH-51512, My name is Jeff. My Remote just went out in my Boba & I don't know what happened.
I am wanting to purchase a servo kit from you but not sure which I need that you offer, . I need 2 Alco switches 1 makes it go up & the other makes it go down on the right gauntlet for my ROTJ. Can't use the left gauntlet those switches are being used for the flame thrower LED lights. Please PM me to let me know if you can do this. Thank you.
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