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does anyone have anyidea as how to make a voice amp? i want to make a setup that i have a mic hooked up in the helmet and a wireless receaver on my belt or somwhere else. i have 3 little mics from walkie talkys and i think i have the rest of the supplys i need. i just have no clue as to how to make a wireless voice amp. i was thinking about walkie talkies. i would take them apart but i want one of the walkies to be an out put. so when i put my helmet on my voice would automaticly be amplifyed.in addition to the out put mic i want one of the walkies to be a recever.

i guise what im really trying to do is make a realistic fett helmet amp. with no headset or wires going down my neckseal. a wireless voice amp would be awsome dont you guys think. you sound normal when the helmets off and the seccond you throw the helmet on it amplifys your voice just like the real helmet.
:facepalm :) :facepalm :)
so anyideas. i think it would be cool if I or someone else could produce this idea and sellthem to you guys.
and the other thing is that i dont really want to spend over $45 on this little project if i can avoid it. but i dont think ill be that lucky.

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