WIP homemade gauntlets...AKA "holy cow......it worked?

i was sitting around after a miserable failure of an attempt to make fiberglass gauntlets when a strange idea came to me.....instead of trying to make the gauntlets like i did my helmet, why not pour the fiberglass resin in the mold, then put Sintra pieces i had previously cut to build gauntlets into the resin, thus making them one piece?.....so i tried it and to my amazement, it worked......since i never can remember how to post pics on here, i'll just wait to see if anyone wants to see them.....but i just thought i'd take a chance to say that i feel like Wile E Coyote would feel if the Acme gizmo of the day finally worked.........
I can tell you where to get the code but. I'd just post it but I can't get it to post without the board thinking it is an image.

When you are posting, if you look at the left of the text box there is a list, in that list there is a link called post an image, it is under the words "How to:". Just copy the code that is in the pop up window then replace the url with your image's url. As simple as that.

can't wait to see the pics man!
Try upload pictures at www.villagephotos.com (free), then when you place a new post here go to "how to: Post an image" at left of the box where you write.

You will need the URL address of the pictures uploaded at villagephotos or another site.
Hope this help. :D
The "How to" for images actually isn't right.

{img src="http://www.yoururl.com/yourpic.jpg"}

Replace the { and } with < and > respectivly.

I tried linking the images you posted to village photos but they just came up an empty box with an X.

Gauntlets are looking good btw. I need to get my butt in gear and do mine.
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