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I am starting my first try at Boba armor. I went with minute fett, and the armor looks great. I already messed up though, and made the chest display slots too large. Can I use bondo or another filler to correct my mistake, or should I start over with a new chest piece?
I’ll be honest with you. It actually doesn’t look all that bad. I’m trying hard to see where you are saying it is too large.

Just out of curiosity, is that ROTJ Armor?

Here's another pic. I just feel like they are both a little too tall. I see all these amazing builds, including yours, and I just want to be on the same level. 20230414_223937.jpg
if you dont feel comfortable, just ask Minutefett to send you a new chest plate. I wouldnt mess with bondo personally, its much more sensible to just ask for a new chest plate. Chances are, he'll just send you one, or at a very low price.
I agree that it looks just fine and think that once the entire costume is complete it won't be noticeable at all. With that said, I've redone things similar because I always know it's there. If you get a new chest piece, use one of RafalFett's templates for the exact measurements and use really think gorilla duct tape to mask off the area you want to cut. You can either carefully score it with a sharp knife or use a dremel. Having the heavy duct tape masking the non-cut areas worked really great for me last time to avoid any accidental oversizing. Good luck!
So I talked to MF and he suggested using super glue and putting the pieces back in. Well I did t have those, but I took some scrap and layered it up flush with the armor. I then sanded away until it felt flush. I hit with some primer to see how it was coming along. I still have some sanding on top, but I think I'll be able to salvage this piece without a new one. 20230415_141342.jpg20230415_182721.jpg20230415_182731.jpg
Hey guys I went ahead and renamed this post since I figured I would keep it going as I paint. Here's a few new pics of the progress I've made.


  • 20230421_204655.jpg
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  • 20230422_152400.jpg
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I still wasn't happy with the chest display slots in the pic above so I reworked them a little more. This pic shows the rework, and then I painted on the hambrol maskol to create the damage. I painted it all archive x SP Armour Yellow and peeled the maskol. I think it's looking pretty good.


  • 20230506_084223.jpg
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