Wicked cool armor!!!!!


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Thanks again Jeff but I did do a little extra work and so did a local machine shop!
WOW!!! I thought I saw my reflection.lol..Looks really good.Is that a chrome plating you had put on there?
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OK sorry my net has been down a few days..........This is standard WB armor that came to me weathered and sealed. Do not get me wrong Jeff does amazing work especially with my custom backplate! I went ahead and used aircraft stripper to take everything back down to bare metal. I then sanded everything with a wet 800 grit to get it smooth. Lastly I took everything down to a local machine shop who has done some work for me in the past for car parts and asked them to do what they could. Simply a few hours on the buffer and waa laa!!! They wanted to sand out some of the imperfections but the material is thin and plus it helps with the weathering.

I will be weathering this back up but now I have a great base and I can touch it all day long and not have any silver on my hands!!!

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