Wholesale Purchasing Possibilities


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I guess ill explain what I do first, I create corporate, large scale e-commerce websites. From simple sites with .net shopping carts, to SQL enabled dynamic flash.

In meeting with a client, I also talked to 'Alumilite'. They make plastics like smoothon. Their stuff is higher priced retail than smoothon, but wholesale, I expect it to be much less.

I talked to the owner about buying from them wholesale. They have a full line of rubbers, plastics, and foams as well as just about anything else you could want.

Now, im asking because im willing to let the dent vendors buy at wholesale, just so I can make minimum quantities. Im going to ask for the details on minimums per week/month/year.

They are a dow corning industrial lab, which means everything they make is out of dow chemicals, which is very high quality.

My question I guess is, if i were to open this up, how many people would need/do buy rubbers/resins/plastics/fillers every week or month?

I will have a retail website as well, but im thinking that this could be usefull for anyone here on the dent thats buys retail.

Post in here if you have a continued need or interest in wholesale pricing. Rough quantities and frequency.

The site I could have built and selling in a week.

The only catch is that any vendors buying / selling wholesale I would like anyone buying at 'wholesale' to contribute to 'how to's' for the site.

Not a tun of time, but a how to or so a month, pic tutorial would go a long way.

its just a thought. Please let me know if your interested.



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dang Mason, you are all over this stuff man...so great to see someone taking what they do and know, and letting people benefit from it...the character that you are showing will definantly establish you as a worthy vendor here, as well as trustworthy member...thank you so much for what you do for us little guys...you could never know how much we, i, appreciate it...jump on this guys, he is really helping out the community here...(y)


Im finding it IMPOSSIBLY expensive to get stuff in Ireland so I'd be more than happy to commit to a monthly/bi-monthly purchase if that was possible...