Who makes a nice NECK SEAL for Jango?

Joren Fett

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Hi All,

Just wondering who makes a nice, accurate neck seal in
Jango's style and color. I did a search, but didn't find
what I was looking for. In fact, some people refer to the
HELMET GASKET as the neck seal, but that's not what I'm
looking for. I'm talking about the part that covers the
neck, not the gasket that closes the underside of the
helmet. Any help would be appreciated!

Joren Fett

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Thanks guys!

Chris was actually the first person I contacted about this a
couple of months ago. His neck seals look great, but I wasn't
big on the color after he sent me a fabric swatch by mail.

I was kind of hoping for alternatives to compare. Any other
suggestions or recommendations out there? Thanks again!

obi sean kenobi

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Well, technically speaking, you dont need a neck seal, as Jango Fett did not wear one.

To be 100% accurate you'll need the following:

1. a helmet gasket
2. a balaclava that covers the head and neck (see the bucket head video on the AOTC DVD)
3. A collared jumpsuit, the collar poking up through the vest.

I know turo used the tk409 neck seal on one of his rigs, but they arent screen accurate for Jango. (wow, did I just write that? whats up seeker, you were slipping that time bro!!)


Joren Fett

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Thanks OSK!

I know that it isn't entirely accurate, but I just like the
way the neck seals look. I was actually considering using
a stormtrooper-style neck seal. Any opinions on that?

I already have the collared jumpsuit and BKBT helmet gasket,
so maybe a black balaclava is the best way to go after all.

On a sadder note, I just found out that a big order I placed
with RA on 9/2 was never started. :facepalm *sigh*

obi sean kenobi

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Joren Fett wrote:

I already have the collared jumpsuit and BKBT helmet gasket,
so maybe a black balaclava is the best way to go after all.
The balaclava should be the same color, or in the same color "family" as the jumpsuit. So, a black balaclava is out.


Joren Fett

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Man... I've been way off on this so far. First, a neck seal.
Then a black balaclava. :p I'll get it right sooner or later. :)

Thanks for the guidance OSK!


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I use a paintball hood/balaclava that I got off of eBay! They are selling them for dirt and are 100% cotton! I think it ended up being $6 and it the good part was it was "win one get one free!"
Search "balaclava"!
Even though it may not be exposed much it is quite important!;)




Joren Fett

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Thanks again for your input, everyone.

I've been thinking... the balaclava isn't really Fett-
accurate when you think about it. It's really just behind-
the-scenes accurate, since it was worn under the helmet only
and never seen on camera. When Jango was in full gear
without his helmet, he wore either his pilot headgear
or nothing at all. I guess this also rules out the neckseal,
but I still think a black neckseal looks good on Jango!

Star Wars Chick

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What I did was take a white cotton turtle neck, cut it off so I had a dickie and dyed it to match my jumpsuit. It works great and basically all that you are needing is so that skin doesnt show from the split in the collar and from under the helmet.


wheres that pic of jango from? i couldnt find it on my aotc dvd

Bad Jango

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I used a painters "head sock" and just dyed it to match the jumpsuit. This is a very thin cotton material. It works great and it also isn't as hot as a traditional balaclava. You can pick 'em up at a Lowe's or Home Depot.