Who has available HIC parts?

Discussion in 'Han Solo in Carbonite' started by TheZeroEffect, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. TheZeroEffect

    TheZeroEffect Member

    so very tempted to build a HIC, have been putting off and off and off...
    I have been doing the eBay trawl for HIC casts and am of two minds about it all. I would rather buy from a vendor here than off the bay.

    I may only get basics and build sculpt the rest.
    At the moment I’m thinking of starting with either just the head life cast of the whole body and working from there

    Are there available venders?
    I have seen this asked a few times now with no responses of hints of who has castings
    If push comes to shove ill just but the eBay bullet and get a heado_O

  2. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    Stormrider does HiC full fronts.
  3. TheZeroEffect

    TheZeroEffect Member

    Cheers, too heavy to ship to me at the bottom of the world.
    I’m after more the parts side... :D
  4. ShortFuse

    ShortFuse Member

    He also sells just the Han detail pieces. Would be lighter than the full front.
  5. jbdubz

    jbdubz Active Member

    yes, yes he does and we have some available right meowwwww.
  6. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    BigTurc does greeblie runs over at TheRPF. He is a member here, but uses TheRPF for ordering.

    Zenix sells boxes and greeblies here:
    HiC boxes for sale

    I used both Zenix and BigTurc Greeblies. They each have their positives and negatives.

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