Which Reference Images...?


Hey everyone!

I am in the process of my ROTJ Hero Build (BoochmaN) and I’m about to start weathering my gauntlets.

Question is, which reference images in the library should I be, well, referencing...? I’ve heard that some of the displays (MOM) reflect more of the “SE” damage, while others are weathered potentially more than the Hero version...

Just curious what images other individuals have referenced for their builds! I want to reference what I’m supposed to be referencing. For instance, I used the main ROTJ Gallery for weathering the blaster.

Any info would be appreciated!!!


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So I believe I followed the true Hero gauntlets and not the MOW ones. jbdubz can check what I put here to agree or correct me. I used this costuming book photo as reference:





The tops are really easy to see and follow but the bottoms which there are not a lot of reference for they said you have a little more freedom on. Go to my build thread I'll try to find the ones that are just about gauntlets as I don't remember all the photos and places I got reference from. Hope this gets you started.


bh19812 your thread was one of the ones that started me thinking about it. Actually, it was a comment/ question from you on the build thread of tennantlim and I don’t think anyone answered, hahahaha!

Thanks for the info!!!


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It amazes me how many ROTJ "Hero" builds don't replicate the correct hero gauntlets, always the stunt gauntlets, never the one's Jeremy wore. Nice job adding the lip to your flamethrower housing :)