Which helmet for a holiday fett


Jr Hunter
gday everyone, I'm planning along way ahead, I'm currently making a mandalorian protector, thread on here and on mandalorian mercs ( unknown mando)
I'm planning my next kit, I'd like to try a holiday special boba, not the cartoon version, more like sideshows figure with some hints from the mythos figure
What I'm wondering is what would you guys suggest would be the best bucket to start with, any real advantage to cold cast?
Thank you for your time

Fett 4 Real

Sr Hunter
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I paint over cold cast.. its not accurate to leave the cold cast exposed as the silver paint use and the cold cast don't match.

You can however do a custom however you want....
I painted the FPH2 as Holiday Special (ESB inspired) for old Wasted Fett. Its one of my favorite helmets Ive done.

Two FPH2s...one green and one BLUE????


Jr Hunter
That looks awesome, definitely going to give it a go now.... an in between holiday special and ESB, but close enough
Thanks for that link mate