Which Flightsuit is better: Bobamaker´s or Skygunbro´s ?


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Matter of opinion, they are both great if you ask me....But I dont think they include the neck seal and ankle spats


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Down in Flames said:
Hi all,
I need a flight suit, which one is better?
Does it include the neck seal and ankle spats?

i got a custom sized one from skygunbro in a week from the time i sent him the measurements. i've very happy with it... i haven't seen the bobamaker ones, so i can't say anything about them.

it doesn't include the spats or neck seal. i got his vest + flightsuit set.


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Skys a great guy to deal with. Great communication and customer service. Received my suit , vest, and neck in a week, and it fits like a glove.


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HI all thanks for the compliments....My suits generally take about a week to make and ship...we custom make them to your measurements to ensure a proper fit...the ankle spats and neck seal are seperate parts...

I have seen Bobamakers suits as well and they are beautiful...I cant comment on the the ankles and neck as Im not sure if they come with them or not but Im sure if he sees this thread he will comment.

The suits I do are made of a prewashed medium weight material....If you want a real heavy weight suit like denim or a heavy twill you can find the material and send it and I can make it out of whatever you want...The colors and quality of the material I use I feel are pretty accurate. Sky


Do you have a website or somewhere I can go to check out your work...

Gettin my helmet soon and I will be getting the flight suit next.


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Here's my vote...

I went with my gut and got one of Sky's Jumpsuits as well and they are extremely well made! Vest was just as awesome! You can't go wrong with him. :)

Jason, many thanks again!

Stay safe.



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I guess I'll chime in on Bobamaker's side :)
I haven't personally seen SGB's stuff, but I own one of Bobamaker's suits/vests, and the quality is A++!!


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I haven't seen BM's stuff, but I hear good things about it. I personally have a SGB flightsuit and I couldn't be more pleased with it. Top notch work, fast delivery, and excellent communication. (y)


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NO your not blind they arent there :)

Maybe some folks here could post some pics....about a week and a half ago my pc crashed and I had to do a system recovery which destoyed all my picture files..I had some good pics of the suit being worn by people which I dont have now....SO now I am in the process of taking all new pics but that could take some time...Anyone willing to post pics lmk if you need a host to show them.-Sky


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These's are Sky's Jumpsuit, Vest, Spats, and Armor that I painted.




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nice...does anyone have a picture they can post of an ESB skybro or bobamaker flightsuit? I am looking for that powder blue look.


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I got Sky's jumpsuit. Excellent guy to deal with. got my jumpsuit&vest in TWO weeks!! And that is WITH INTERNATIONAL shipping and considering that it is custom made that is exremly good service. Usually i have to wait atleast 3-6 weeks for a package from the states!

And if you are on a budget like i am I'd recomment sky's.. but from what i've seen and heard about BM.. and you've got the cash. well... then it's up to you.

I've had the pleasure to have done buisness with both of them and they are both good guys and good buisnessmen..(speedy shipment, excellent comms.) either way.. you can't go wrong!


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hmm... the sky suit looks like you need to iron it alot?

I have this jumpsuit from hospital use, and modified it... I can throw it in the washing machine.... sew it... dirty it... wear it... not a wrinkle...

70 & cotton
30 % polyester

If I'd order a jumpsuit I think I'd send my own material...

does it really wrinkle so much?

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Personally.. the more wrinkels the better.. makes the Jumpsuit look even more weathered and used..

This is my Skygunbro's jumpsuit and vest.. weathered:



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Here's my ROTJ BM suit that he weathered for me.. I think he did a great job.. I'm happy with it although my lighting is a little weird..



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Here is my opinion. I have actually had my hands on both suits so I think I have a good perspective. Both suits are very well put together. Sky's has a zipper and BM's are button up. BM's are heavier so I would go with his in a cooler environment. I own a Skygunbro suit and it is perfect for hot weather. The only comment I have for both is that there is no "fly" opening. I busted the seam and sewed in a velcro fly for bathroom breaks. Works great.


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Heck while I am at it, I will tell you about the Starfortress suit since I have had one of those as well. It is a zip up and is close to Sky's style. It is heavier than Sky's but lighter than BM's (I think, I did not have them at the same time). I am very happy with Sky's suit, as well as customer service. BM's service is awesome as well and if I could afford it, I would have a BM suit for winter.