Where to find material for the T-visor?


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Hello, I have the Boba Fett helmet from the Rubiles company. (I know it's not a good brand, but I didn't know when I first ordered it) I still might be able to use it, I looked at a site where a person cut out the visor part that's already painted in and got a plastic black visor where you can see out of it but everyone else can't see in. I would just have to use glue or something like that. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and where I could find the black plastic for the visor, then it might help me. Thx
Awsome! Thanks. I live in a small place, so I'll keep a closer eye out for a hardware store. That plastic is kinda easy to work with, right?
I bought mine from a place called RJ Safety online. I just looked at their site and didn't see the same one I ordered. My advice is if you can, order 2 or 3. You may be glad you did later.
I've heard of some people using the plastic face shield you can get at Home Depot. It's just a simple clear full-face visorthat you can cut down to the "T"

Then you use the same window tinting used for cars. This way, you can custom fit the T-visor, have it dark, and get the shine on the front.
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