Where buy visor material?


I'm building a Daft Punk helmet (Thomas) for my son for Halloween and have it done, minus the tinted visor. I'm having a heck of a time finding visor material at a local store. Anyone have any hints on where this stuff usually lives?



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I would maybe check a motorcycle shop for tinted wind screens. A plastics shop or glass repair place may have a thin tinted lexan or polycarbonate that would work as well. I would try to find a tinted material, as trying to tint flexible clear plastic with car tint is frustrating.

Jango 5204

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If you go to the welding shop and buy the replacement visors, you'll save time and headaches. They are already curved, slightly flexible, thinner, and I cut mine with scissors instead of melting the heck out of it with a dremel. I messed around with tinted 1/8" plexi. Way too much trouble, and not dark enough.


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Yeah, Jango 5204 makes a good point. If you can find a welding visor, you're more than half way there. But you may want to make sure it's wide enough for the 'Daft-Thomas Helmet' first.


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Motorcycle helmet visors should work. Flexible enough for fitting into a helmet without breaking. You also have a wide selection of colors, sizes, etc. I've got a smoke lens and a silver lens I'll be choosing between