Whats This Belt on FETT?


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Came across this photo and was puzzled.. Maybe this has been talked about in the past, but I have been roamin' around here for quite some time now.. and have seen nothing said about it.?

<IMG SRC="http://members.rogers.com/xzibitgraphics/fett/fettbelt.jpg"

My only guess to this belt is that its for the harness or something to do with holding the jet pack onto Fett's back... What do you think? Its not the utility belt, since there are no pouches and I think you can see those belows this belt. Probably the only reason this is shown is because of the vest being hiked up due to the pose?

If you look closely it even has a buckle in the front? Wonder if its was a antique star wars buckle??? LOL
I'm nearly positive it is the belt that holds the jet pack harness on.In some different shot's you can see a belt under the vest.In some MOM pics you can see it too.
It's not really ever supposed to be showing but toy package designers don't know anything about that stuff. Especially not back when that figure was released.
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