What material to use to make stone blocks


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Hey guys, been a while since I posted a thread. Been busy around the home, no time for costuming. I was wondering if any one could suggest a material that can been cut into blocks, and painted.

I got four egyptian canobic jars, the one they used to keep the organs in. And I wanted to make a diorama around it and put it in acorner of my apartment. the thought was to make a little toom like box and when looked at you would look through a broken hole like an archelogical site and in the box will be filled with dessert sand and the jars half burried in the sand and ominus light coming from with in.

But I need some ideas on how to cut out blocks and weathering them to look like they have been chipped.
A strong styrofoam might work, they use that for train modeling and can make it look like mountains, rolling hills, boulders, all perfect too!

White styrofoam blocks covered in plaster of paris or spackeling would probably work.
If you have a hobby shop nearbye, check to see if they have a hot wire foam cutter. They might have what you are looking for right there.
Or check the craft section at yout local department store or even a florist shop might have styorfoam blocks.

Hope that gives you a couple ideas.

Styrofoam sheeting used for insulation works great! You can get it in varying thicknesses, you can cut it with a utility knife (a little messy) or go with a foam cutter as Jun Garros Fett mentioned. You can buy the insulation at any home improvement/hardware stores.
As posted above, styrofoam works great, Also you can put over it Textured Paint, from Lowes, Home Depot etc. Just brush it on, (Fine Sand version) and it adds a good finish to it. And then you can paint and weather it.

To join two pieces of styrofoam together, put Liquid Nails on one side, and also push in 2" or 3" wood screws. They will hold the foam together while the liquid nails sets.

Used the above methods many times in building 1/6th scale projects.

Look forward to pics.

Have fun!

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