What is the best way to cut styrene armor?

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I am about to cut into my stryene Fett armor. What is the best way to approach this? Do you use a Dremel beforehand? Exacto knives? Industrial scissors?
All of the above...it just depends on how thick the styrene is.

Exacto/utility knives will take the longest to cut with, dremel will be fast...but take your time with it. Scissors work great on the thin stuff.
You can score the plastic a couple of times then bend it and snap off. Go to a hobby shop that carrys R/C cars and ask if they have lexan body scissors. They'll have a short curved blade on them, and are great for tight corners and curves.
I found the scoring with a heavy duty exacto works best. I bought a set with a heavy duty and a light blade.
The dremel I used on the left over parts and once I brought that down, I used the sand paper to have more control.
I did the score & bend routine. Wow, it really works well. Even when I score lightly, I can just bend & break off the unwanted styrene. Thanks for the advice, guys!!
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