What fabrics to ask for

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Hey guys and gals I've been searching this forum for info on jumpsuit and flak jacket (vest) material and patterns. I've been to a few fabric stores trying to describe what color and materials I need and I just ended up sounding like an idiot, more than usual. :lol:

I'm on the fence between an ESB or ROTJ costume, but am leaning towards ESB. What kind of material do I ask for when I go to the fabric store? I don't know ANYTHING about the different fabrics. Everything seems either too thin for a jumpsuit or so thick it's for sofas and draperies.

What kind of material is the flack jacket (armor vest) made of?

Help plz :confused ?


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Try the search function on this Forum, there have been numerous threads that stated what the Fabrics are for the soft parts and several fabric runs for those who bought it in bulk and offered it to others...


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I believe that you'll need 100% Cotton for the flightsuit and 'tackle twill' for the flak jacket. Good luck.


Of course, when I went to my local fabric store and asked for "Tackle Twill" they gave me this look like i had snakes coming out of my ears and said "What is that? There's no such thing as Tackle Twill". /sigh. But I did get Cotton Twill and it looks/feels the same to me.