What does your custom arsenal consist of?

Zurath Kodul

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Right now, mine contains the following:
Black Beretta 92-SBF BB gun, gutted
Super soaker 60, circa '92, awaiting primer
Ep. III saber, vader hilt.
and four mini-grenades.

What does your custom/canon arsenal consist of? I'm just itching to try new weapon styles.

Duran Lomax

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So far, a Nerf Nightfinder (I dont remember if that's the real name for it; anyway, it's the blaster used in the PM series), and a Nerf N-Strike Maverick, both modified. I've been looking for my Super Soaker XXP 245, though; remove the tanks, add a trigger instead of the firehose handle, and you have a pretty nice blaster cannon.

the grenade launcher (Nerf Nightfinder + PVC)

the blaster pistol (Nerf Maverick)
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Tenandro Arms PM-20
with REAL working flashlight located under the barrel.

weilded by a Jedi that was once a bounty
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An EE-3 blaster carbine.
A PM-10 blaster pistol (I started off the PM series craze over on HV&M)
A PDR snub blaster (it's a custom pistol using the Westar as a basis)

Not to mention various vibro blades, a glave, an assortment of grenades and of course the usual array of gauntlet weapons and knee darts.
Okay, guns:

PM-15 heavy blaster pistol (concept:
Modified DL-68c (Final:
Cl-12 frag frenades
Malevolent Razor knuckler
Wrist blasters
Cool ninja Teras'Kasi moves
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This is what I have so far.
The first is a Soliars Arms T-68 Commando. 40mm grenade launcher capable of launching high explosive, anti personell, anti tank, gas (both lethal and non lethal) Smoke, and special sonic disrupter rounds.

The second one is a Blastech AK-3 prototype heavy blaster.


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I have a blaster rifle and sidearm. Thermal detonators, and Plasma grenades (I don't have a pic of those yet, but I even made a custom armor thigh-plate that holds them on my left thigh. Pics...




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The blaster rifle is an airsoft gun that gave its life to a good cause, namely my costume. The sidearm is a Nintendo Zapper Light gun, like you used for Duck Hunt, with a piece of copper tubing added at the end and painted.

Dha Syntir

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My arsenal (although no pics yet of finished models) so far consists of two pairs of sidearms. One pair that I'll likely stick with are the PM series pair that Orthar created which we quickly copied-so thanks Orthar...I also have a pair of Rubies Jango blasters I'm painting and working on but I'll likely go with the PM series blasters as I've put a good deal of time into them. I also am working on a nice vibroblade that I'm cutting from some sci fi looking knife someone bought for me some time ago. I'm also going to work on a flechette launcher, miniature dart launcher I'm creating out of another Nerf product. I also want to create one of the liquid cable launchers Jedi use etc but I've not really found a good image of a cable launcher-if anyone has one, please point me in that direction. I think that with gauntlet weapons, shin tools here and there and perhaps a Verpine Shattergun pistol and rifle, and maybe even a large force pike if I get super ambitious...Once I get some photos, I'll post a few for you to check out...

Dha Syntir


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Zeever Fett said:
I would take off that wing-nut...

other than that it looks pretty creative!

Ditto, it really stands out. Maybe if you have a flat file you could reshape it so that its not reconizable.