What Body Filler is suitable in the UK?


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Virtually all car body fillers are suitable for costuming as they are all used the same for car repairs that need to stand up to the rigours of the road, I used to be a motor Mechanic and in the trade we used P38 because that's all that was available back then (28 years ago) but nowadays they use the cheapest they can find.


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The one I use here, in Spain, is made by "Presto". It's a German brand, and it works pretty good. It's the same as "Bondo Gold".


There are also other fillers made by Presto, one is like normal Bondo, a fiberglass based filler, great for filling holes and using as a base for the Gold, but not easily sandable. And the other one is an aluminium based filler, I haven't used it but has aluminium dust in it so it could be really hard for sanding.
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