What are the differences between the ROTJ fett and the ROTJ SE fett?


I'm just starting out on my fett build, but I can't decide on the ROTJ Fett or the SE fett, what are the differences between the two, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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As far as i know the special edition has the full rotj suit up but the esb helmet.. (and the blown up jetpack) that's the only difference right?


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No there are tons of differences. Also when you say SE it depends on if you mean ANH SE or Promo SE or ROTJ SE.

Go to the Bounty Hunters Guild and look over the thread for the ROTJ SE CRL. There is tons of good info in there pointing out the numerous differences.

Just to mention some differences........the helmet, ammo belt, shin tools......the list gets long.