What’s happened to Woodman?


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Helotech & DennisFett1142
Totally agree! A little bit of an update that shows both tact and appreciation are all that's really needed. Heck, even something generic and loaded as this:

"Thank you for reaching out. Due to unforeseen circumstances I regret to inform you that your order is taking a bit longer than expected. Rest assured that your product is forthcoming and I will reach out again once it ships. Again, I'd like to thank you so much for your business, patience and understanding."

The above example only took me a couple minutes to think up and could easily be put into a document for copy and pasting. I'm willing to wager that a statement like that would be more welcome than.....


Anyone heard from Woodman lately? I pinged again two weeks ago on the ROTJ braids I ordered back in June and haven't gotten a response. I'd love to know that the pipeline is still flowing and he's just backlogged. Hate to doubt someone with the reputation he has but the lack of communication can be frustrating when you've paid in advance.