For Sale WF Fugly Kit, Animefan Helmet, Mq1 key pad, Woodman ESB Braids

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Posting some stuff to make some space and help offset the cost of these new helmets! More to come! :lol:

Wasted Fett: ESB Fugly kit - $300 Shipped
This is an early casting of Wasted's New ESB Fugly linage helmet when he was still using the FPH2 visor insert. Other than that its the exact same as the one he offers currently. The only reason I'm selling this helmet is because Ive opted to go the MCR route purely because im a snob that cares about generations of helmets and such. This is a absolutely beautiful helmet and the best currently available to how the ESB helmet was during filming. I actually wish I could keep it but funds just don't allow sadly. I do not have ears with this kit because I was originally planning to get aluminum ones for and opted to not get resin ones when I ordered, but both those and a visor can be had from Nino. The price reduction reflects such.
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Animefan MR Premium Helmet (Assembled & Partially Painted) - $325 Shipped
This is a Gelcoat Fiberglass Animefan MR Premium Helmet that I was in the process of using to create a SuperTrooper/ROTJ Found Parts helmet build. It's been painted in a semi-gloss white automotive paint. The ears have not yet been worked on. I've removed all the found parts (sorry ;)) and the T-visor has been tacked with hot for now in to help reinforce the helmet (Glue residue will come off with 70% alcohol). RF stock is coldcast, RF topper, and Ears are resin
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Casio Mq1 Pad - SOLD
Vintage key pad. The keys have been glued lightly into place and backed with tape to help prevent their loss. There is a small chip on the far left corner

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Woodman ESB Horsehair Wookie Braids - SOLD
These are pre 2018 woodman wookie braids and do not reflect the changes made to them for the higher 501st ranking, but are still fine for approval as far as I'm aware.
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Mq1 Keypad Sold! Woodman ESB Braids Sold!

Is it a Fugly? It has a FPH II logo :unsure:
Its a early Fugly casting that he cast using a FPH2 visor in place before he replaced it with the new “WF” one. I can provide better photos of the kit showing the lump and other features if anyone needs :)
Edit: heres some better photos of those beautiful unique ESB Hero features in some better lighting

I'll take the keypad!! If it hasn't been claimed. Thanks!
Sorry 007 beat ya to it by a just few min o_O
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