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got my MLC version 1 done finally.

Few thanks to go out to all of you in the community, the work I consistantly see everyone doing around here is nothing short of inspirational and without you all sharing your talents, skills, and helpful hints of how to make our costumes better and help us all raise the bar as far as what CAN be done, we'd all still be guessing on how to do things. TDH Rocks !!!

Personal thanks goes out to first and formost the guys at MLC for producing a sweet Jet Pack for us to use as a canvas to showcase our talents upon. I had a blast painting it, and it was soo friggin nice to finally get a great product right out of the box and not have to monkey around for weeks fixing something before you can even begin to work on it. I know version 2 is going to be nothing short of kick arse and the community eagerly awaits its unveiling.

And to Allan aka Wizardofflight for the wonderful decals, Bro the work you can do with a computer simply amazes me, the level of work you do is astounding. And your contributions to this community cannot be measured. Thank you

Also to Lewis for selling it to me, its wonderful to belong to a community where when someone puts something up for sale you KNOW you can bid on it with confidence and KNOW your not going to get ripped off, everything ive bought from people here has been quality, and shipped in a timely manor. I cannot tell you how nice that is.

and with that out of the way...

Here she is:
jet pack7.jpg

jet pack8.jpg

jet pack9.jpg
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Very nice job LP! I'm painting the same pack at the moment, almost finished. One word of advice, at the bottom of the jet pack on the circular red parts there are supposed to be circular white parts which do not come with the MLC kit. I went to Target's hardware section and got little round disks that go under furniture feet to slide furniture around called "Magic Slider's" I believe. Just the right size, paint 'em up and glue 'em on!
wow .. thanks for the responces everyone, comming from you all that means alot. Believe me if I can get results like this anyone can.

I pretty much just followed along with the awsome pic's from "the list" that slave1pilot posted along with his color list, though I did add some spice of my own when it came to the weathering. I'll try and get a list of everything I used and what weathering techniques I used, since I've had a few PM's asking about it, i'd rather just post em here for all to see instead of PMing people back multiple times

ya I seen Seekers Idea about the disks on the bottom and it was on my to-do list but it ended up being "one of those things" where your at the store in checkout and just have that feeling you've forgot something.. I can always add them easy enough though.. Thanks bro
Here's my exact Color List, total purchce price was about $26.00

Aeresol cans:

Wal-Mart "Color Place" Brand
* Flat Black #20004
* Silver Aluminum #20012
* Gloss White #20000
* Almond #20016
* Orange #20017
* Royal Blue #20001
* Walnut #20006

Wal-Mart "Color Spray" Brand
* Burgundy Spice #3069

Krylon "Interior - Exterior" Brand
* Classic Grey #3551
* Sun Yellow Gloss #1806 - I used this instead of the "Farm Equipment Yellow" that was suggested

Rustoleum "Automobile Primer" Brand
* Light Grey Primer #2081

Air Brush Paints
Tamiya "Acrylic Paint Brand"
* Natural Grey #XF-53
* Flat Black #XF-1
* Flat Brown #XF-10

Reaper Miniatures "Pro Paint" Brand
* Ash Grey #18020 - I just happened to pick this up along the way at a mom and pop hobby store and got it cause I thought the color looked nice I used it for topical weathering

* Testors Dullcote Lacquer # 1160

Liquid Masking Film
* Bob Dively Model Aircraft Inc Brand # DIV3000 - Purchased at Hobbytown USA
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No prob, though I did forget to add the Walnut .. I edited it and added it

went back and double checked all my paints, so the list is complete now, sorry about that
Duuuuude. . . that looks amazing!
I'm sure a jet pack is way off in my future, but I hope to get it looking that good when I do build one.
Make sure you save that color list for reference.
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