well, My fetts pretty much done


The title was an overstatement. these things are never done as seeker and many other can well attain :lol: but in the meantime for all intents an purposes this thing is done and assembled. Theres alot of small adjustments that need to be made here and there, and definitely some soft parts upgrades that need to happen to get this thing more accurate, but it's wearable, and I'm pretty happy with it for a 1st time photo shoot :D


Thanks bud, well I don't want hear anyone say being a "lurker" doesnt do you any good :lol: and that they can't find the info on these forums. Ya just gotta have a ton of patience and the adventurous spirit of indiana jones to dig through em.:lol: I know Jango better than I do my own family at this point LOL!! :lol: it still needs work and some updating, and a jet pack as soon as it gets here :) but it's wearable and hasnt been half-assed, so I'm tickled pink! :D
I...am...finally... :lol:
Looks very nice. Is there a way you could make your images bigger.

It's hard to see if you have enough weathering.:D

yes, its JD from top to bottom. got a mlc arena pack due any day now. Gauntlets are a set of the "blue door" gauntlets that theres a thread about around here somewhere.I was just moving my shins down as we speak LOL! as far as weathering goes, I've done a little, mainly on the edges of the armor, it's not showing up in the pics, I think the flash is wiping it out, anywhoo, it's not 100% done. it will get weathered more, and I'll post more pics here in the next couple weeks. once I've got the pack mounted and the fine tuning done on this thing.
Wow! Very Very nice buddy! Then you are wearing a BKBT helmeT?

This costume remembers me a lot to Skhalen_Fett Costume
hey thanks pierre, where ya from in belgium? I was born in bastogne and have family in La Roche en Ardennes. I'd love to go over there for carnival one of these cears and get the 501st garrison together there to do the parade down main street.:D
holy crap dude, that pic has been up for months and I never caught my mistake. when I start a costume, I start a reference folder and I put every pic I can get of the costume in it whether it be film or fan as reference. as the costume goes together my progress pics go into the same file folder. when I started that album I must have uploaded that one instead of my jd on mistake LOL!:lol: now I just went back through and I don't have any pics of my bucket before paint.. oh well. I've uploaded what I've got :)
need to update the pics of my gauntlets and stuff on there too, I pulled em apart and re-did them and fixed the flared nut issue. they're right now as per their wrongness in those pics :)
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