Weathering my Pavespawn Ammo Belt


Active Hunter
I recently received my Pavespawn Ammo Belt, great detail and superbly made... Excellent work...:)

I've weathered it in the AOSW style, here's a brief description:
  1. To tone down the contrast of the stitches I rubbed a 'burnt umber' pastel over all the stitching and wiped the excess off with a cloth. This also adds a nice tone to the leather. I also added a few patches with a dark brown and black pastel.
  2. Next, I scuffed the edges of the pouches and belt against a rough brick wall, not too much, just enough to highlight the edges. I also pressed the pouches against the brick and twisted very slightly, this adds a few little 'nicks' and 'marks' to the leather.
  3. I now roll the belt tightly several times to create some nice creases and small cracks to the surface.
  4. the white patches are added using 'gelcoat'. water based paint worked OK but quickly turned light brown because it draws the tanning out of the leather. You could try an oil based paint instead of gelcoat.
  5. The whole lot is coated with a satin finish sealant, I used 'Humbrol Satin Cote'. Before it fully dries I once again rolled the belt, this enhanced the cracking a little more.
I'm pretty pleased with the results, and it only took around 1 hour to complete.