Weathered My Aluminum Armor Today... PICS UP NOW

Megalomaniac Mando

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Lemme know what you all think. Thanks.

*EDIT* Webhost back up. Here are the pics;



wow!!! i want the gun the other guy had :D he was shootin cannon balls at ya.

looks great can't wait to see more pics :)
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Thats really super MMM! One more direct hit on that armor & the other guy would have "sank your battleship" :) Love what you're doin. Keep up the good work!
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Lookin' sweet bud.

Make sure you tell everyone here how you made those nice scorch marks too! :)

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:lol: Thanks, guys! I took the easy way out with those scorch marks, and just SCORCHED the paint with a butane micro-torch :lol: . Since the armor is aluminum, didn't pose any threat to melting it. The scratches etc. were achieved by running a farrier's rasp over the area with a very loose grip on it. This allows it to kinda bounce around and not dig-in. A pair of fencing pliers(they have a very sharp edge on the front of a hammer face on them) was used to strike glancing blows in creating the deep scratch marks. The "hitmarks" were made by a ball pein hammer. I used a well-worn piece of sandpaper to knock-down the newness overall.

I basically just beat the heck out of a controlled manner :lol: .
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It was Boba vs. Terminator ?? :lol: .... looks good. :thumbsup:
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By the way, for those of us that do not posess MMM's skill or enough cash to buy aluminum armor, you can still create those nice blackened burn marks on your fiberglass, sintra, or vac-formed armour w/ a simple cigarette lighter! BE VERY CAREFULL THOUGH! Just get the heat close enough to "bake" the paint a bit. Of course you can gett a similar effect w/ an airbrush, but if you do it right, controled burning of your paint takes a fraction of the time, & no clean up! Just a thought! :)
Oh yeah, If your gonna try what I mentioned in the previous message, make shure you practice on a scrap piece of material first! :)
Great tip, Jk. I was actually wondering how I would have done this if my armor had been made of the other choices while I was burning it. My thought, especially for sintra and f/g, was to turn the armor over, paint side down, place a very wet towel or washcloth inside the curve and opposite of the intended burn, and direct the flame up into the paint from below. Looks like I did a bit too much thinking, as you seem to just burn straight on without a wet rag. Thanks for posting that, buddy. :)
You bet MMM! I Burned/baked the paint on my MB armour & it really creats a nice effect! I can't stress enough how carefull you have to be though! The first few times I tried this I created slumps and depressions in my armour & had to fill w/ bondo! :o A smidge of over heating will make your vac-formed armor, (& sintra I suspect,) lose its shape. A wet towel on the back side might really help alot for helping keep your armour's shape, yet allow you to bake the paint w/ less worry! Hope this helps a bit, & make shure to PRACTICE 1ST!
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