For Sale Wave 1 MCR G2 ESB Helmet with Metal Ears, Woodman ESB Wool Cape

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Sadly the time has come that I have to let this beauty go.
This is a Wave 1 MCR G2 ESB Lineage Helmet with MCR G2 Metal ears. Includes all the originally included hardware and microswitch. Metal ears have been professionally cleaned up in regards to remaining tooling marks and burs, and mounted to the helmet.
Really just looking to get back what I have into it.
Asking Price: $1,099.00 Shipped for the MCR G2 kit with MRC G2 Metal ears and plaque (PP F&F or add 3% for fees for G&S)

Given the cost of this piece I'm willing to discuss multiple payment options with the buyer if they need

DSC_0678_50.jpg DSC_0681_50.jpg DSC_0679_50.jpg DSC_0675_50.jpg 59C03919-FE85-4AB6-8C96-A91C073A95A9.jpeg 7A13616E-2DD0-44F5-A7A6-7C205EF44723.jpeg DSC_0682_50.jpg
First "I'll take it" gets it

Woodman ESB WOOL Shoulder Cape/Poncho - Weathered - SOLD
This is one of Woodmans Wool capes from a run he did a few years back as opposed to his usual ones. Its been weathered largely according to Raf’s lovely ESB cape template.

A9A548FC-223F-4AC2-BF14-21A08E1366B9.jpeg 649A5A5C-3D87-4758-A4A1-08C1DD7C04E8.jpeg
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