Water jet aluminum armor


I will be releasing files free to the public any one who wants to make there own aluminum armor. Along with the files I will be releasing a full tutorial on how to shape the pieces any one who would like to be first sign up here. There will be two types initially boba and Jango and later we may have the Mandalorian. You can get it cut any thickness you like and I will give you some insight to level of difficulty of each thickness. I have gone as far a 1/4 inch that is what is in the photo below. The armor is wearable in .187 and smaller as shown in the second picture. I will also add child size for those who want to make a display as in the third picture. Please sign up below if you would like to be an initial tester you will need to order the blanks when available and follow the tutorials I provide. Also I do not get anything from this I do not sell anything I’m just doing this to give back to this awesome communit.