Helmet Wasted Fett Jango helmet


New Hunter
I finally got the Jango helmet that I wanted! My first attempt at purchasing a Jango helmet was a bust. No more Etsy helmets for me.
This is a Wasted Fett kit with a paint job by Cole Brant. If you want a great Jango helmet, give these guys a shout. Robert Nicholas, thanks for sharing pics and the advice on what to look for in a helmet.



Can you, please, post pictures taken farther and zoomed. Like 7 feet away from the helmet. Specially from the back of the helmet.
Just as a little explanation, why KaanE requested that...
Photography is a funny art form.... by taking pictures from a very short distance of a larger object, it distorts the dimensions of the object and makes it look very weird. Imagine looking onto the underside of a spoon type of weird.
I'd like to see well proportioned pics of your helmet, too :)