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i have 90% of every thing i need to make my boba costume. but now i don't know what to do, i don't know if i want to be a clean or dirty fett. i don't know if i want to look like i just bought my armor right off the selfs of the mandalor gap store. or should i make it look like i picked up at the good will? if i make it clean is it ok to have the dent in the helmet, or do i fill it in. so i turn to all of you. if you could show me pics of all yours, clean or dirty maybe it will help me make up my mind. and tell me what you think i should do?
thanks joe

well i'm going to make it dirty, so i decided to pull out my dvd to look how dirty he was. the i noticed this in return of the jedi, i don't know if this is ever been noticed but when boba nods his head at leia in boushh the picture is back wards on the dvd the ranger finder is on the left not the right side of his helmet. i'm going to try to upload a pic to show you all

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IF its a custom Mandalorian you can do whatever you want. If however you are doing a Fett from ROTJ, or ESB it will need to be battle damaged, and that is of course also if your going for screen accurate. movie, and museum photo's illustrate the battle damage you will need for a great movie Fett.
The only thing I(personally) dont think would look good is to copy the movie colors to a spotless set of armor. My only reason for this is that Boba Fett got hand-me down armor that was already damaged. That doesn't mean you cant do a spotless set, it's your armor and your the one that has to be happy with it ;)
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